I'll Admit, This Was a Blessing

by Lifted

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Goodbye Lynden see you later hopefully not that often plz. This was recorded on Audacity with an sm57. All credits go to me hehehe


released January 4, 2016



all rights reserved


Lifted Lynden, Washington

Odd radar pings from a huge, orbiting asteroid here reveal a Crystalline cache of some kind.

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Track Name: This Includes You All
I've been bitten by my loneliness
It stings on my skin and pushes me to emptiness
so just breath in, and turn into something
there's only enough time for your love
Track Name: Home Song
If I were completely recompensed
I wouldn't feel the need
to swallow empty meaning
you know, i try it anyways

It's been hard to call this my home
I've come this far from there
I've come this far
why not live a little
you know, I try it anyways
Track Name: Listen to Your Friends When They're Sad
I won't tell you how to live your life
but promise that you won't go on me
cause your actions they have repercussions more than you know
and the world would be a shittier place if you decided to go

I don't want you to die
try one more day of life

It won't kill you it will make you better than before
life is scary, life is strange, and so much more
don't let it take you down
Track Name: There's Still a Lot to Be Done
I haven't been here for that long
but I know what I can do
It is heavy

I will fight each day
the parts you take away
I can tell you
how I feel
I'll surprise you
how i feel
Track Name: I'm Leaving Here
How do you feel tonight?
Have you lost your goddamn mind?

On the way back down, I felt around
Knowing I have so much left to go

you don't notice what I've got
such a beauty and a thought

On the way to town i felt so down
knowing i cannot stick around
On the back down I felt your light
knowing I cannot hit the ground

So please keep on killing it